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How to Be Still in a Real Estate Storm

Real estate brokers are always busy and on the go. They often move at a very fast pace and have to make quick decisions when trying to solve problems for clients. The challenge with this is that quick decisions aren’t always necessarily the best decisions. Just because somebody asks you to solve a problem or answer a difficult question doesn’t mean you have to do it on demand.

One of the most powerful things a broker can do in this situation is to slow down and be still.

Often the best solutions come after careful contemplation and examination of the pros and cons. While I have always been a big fan of trusting your gut, I am an even bigger fan of learning to be still.

In our hectic real estate market, fast-paced is the name of the game. But I have learned that slowing things down and giving yourself time to really think though a problem is a much better way to come up with a good solution, not merely an on-demand solution.

Even in my own personal life, I cannot count how many times my children would come to me asking for things and wanting that instant answer. When my kids were younger, I used to give on-demand answers but I quickly learned what a mistake that was!  Instead, try one of these answers:

  • “I am going to think about it and get back to you”
  • “I don’t have time to give you an answer right now because I need to think things through”
  • “I’ll think about it and we can talk about it later.”

Those are always better answers than an on-demand wrong answer!

The six most powerful words you can use when faced with clients who are asking for on-demand answers are the words “I need to think about it.”

A great example of this was a number of years ago, a client was pushing me to answer a question he had about investing. I knew exactly the answer he wanted, but I also knew he would be better served if I could think through the pros and cons of the answer. When you tell people that you need to think about something, it gives both you and them time – valuable time to assess the situation. Even more valuable is the time you will gain to examine what is in the best interest of all parties.

Being still allows you to make well thought-out decisions. Being still allows you to not give any answer just for the sake of quieting the on-demand voices of demanding people. Being still is a good habit for effective problem solving.

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