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A client of mine came to me two years ago who was overwhelmed with where she was at in her business. She felt that she had hit her peak and would never again get back to where she had been years earlier. She had given up, was tired, and had lost her mojo. She even discussed her financial situation and it was not good.

As I began to offer solutions she came up with creative reasons why my solutions would never work for her. I could tell that she was overwhelmed but I needed her to STOP fighting me. I needed her to surrender and do things a different way. I needed her to surrender in order to change direction. She had nothing to lose as the path she was on wasn’t working for her anyway.

I laid out a very specific set of steps for her to take and created a plan that I felt would transform her business by increasing her income which would then solve her financial situation. I had only one rule for her and that was that we would implement the plan for one full year BEFORE we made any adjustments to it. I knew that if she could just follow the plan consistently for a year that she would have great success.

Fast forward two years and I can emphatically say that the work she did in that first year not only transformed her business but also set her up for a fantastic second year. She surrendered and did things a new way, not her way, and was rewarded because of it.

I work with agents all the time that have been fighting change for years. They have a very hard time letting go of the way they do things and this inhibits their ability to reach the next level of their business. I learned a very long time ago that my own business is only as strong as I am willing to let it become. I surround myself with experts that know more than I do and I surrender and take their advice, I am never afraid to try new things and grow, but in order to do that I have to surrender my old thoughts, my old way of doing things and my old beliefs. Just because I have done something the same way for 10 years doesn’t mean it is the best way to do it.

I see this inability to surrender in agents all the time when they won’t surrender to improve their marketing or branding or photography or presentations. They stay the same, continue to do things the same way, and then wonder why they lost out to another agent at a listing appointment. What did the other agent say or do that was more compelling to that potential seller? What innovative new thing did that agent offer the seller that you didn’t?

If you never step out of your comfort zone and surrender to improving your business, nothing will change.

I have helped agents for almost two decades to improve their businesses with branding and coaching services and I can emphatically say that the ones that do the very best are the ones that are open to my new ideas, solutions and innovative tools. They don’t fight it – rather they embrace it. They get excited about it and they run with it and implement it into their business. And then there are the ones that fight change every step of the way and don’t get to where they want to go because they are too busy fighting THEMSELVES.

When was the last time you truly surrendered to an expert and let them help you?

I urge YOU to try it as it can have a monumental effect on your business and your life. Put me to the test, email me, and tell me what isn’t working in your business, then sit back, relax and let me give you a 15 minute analysis of what you need to do to improve your business… all you have to do is surrender and write me that email.

You have nothing to lose.

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