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Ask Denise: Facing New Competition In My Area

Q: “Denise, there is a new agent who has just started mailing to the same area! His postcards have that “enter your address and learn your home value” feature which I feel is terrible for our industry, but I am worried that it will get results. How can I be true to my business beliefs, send good information, but keep me top of mind in spite of this new competition?”

A: I love your question because I get a variation of it every day. With new agents in our industry, capitalizing on the surge that the market has felt over the last few years, it is no surprise that these new agents are going to be looking for clients. And while it is unfortunate that your territory is being threatened, I actually think this provides you with a great opportunity to review what you are sending out to make sure it is the best it can be.

There are a few things I have learned from watching agents over the years:

  1. They tend to do what is easy
  2. They tend to be inconsistent

Agents are busy people. They are juggling transactions, potential clients, listings, and staying on top of legal updates. They generally tend to cut time wherever they can and I see this most often in their mailings – whether it be to their clients or as part of a lead generation campaign. Direct mail companies take advantage of this by offering a we’ll make it easy! solution. But often agents don’t get a result right away and give up after a few mailings.

So if your new agent is simply trying out a new campaign that generates generic postcards, although it may have a strong call-to-action, recipients are pretty savvy and, in my opinion, will see this for what it is. And for those people who are attracted by it, they may not have been a good candidate fit for you anyway.

Here is what I recommend: Review your game.

Really look at your materials with an analytical eye. Look for:

  • Am I utilizing my brand, using it to make a connection, and telling my story?
  • Am I providing valuable market insight?
  • Am I providing information that is difficult to get anywhere else (such as very localized market information and trends)?
  • Am I appealing to all four personality types?
  • Am I sending this information consistently (every month)?

If you are following the above, then stay the course. I have agents tell me that often they get a call from someone in their farm after years of mailing, go to their house to meet with them, and they have a drawer full of past mailings because the information was so good and meaty. Farming works but you have to provide GREAT content.

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