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Ask Denise: Facing New Competition In My Area

Q: “Denise, there is a new agent who has just started mailing to the same area! His postcards have that “enter your address and learn your home value” feature which I feel is terrible for our industry, but I am worried that it will get results. How can I be true to my business beliefs, […]

Ask Denise: Agent Competition

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I want to market to the units in my condo, but there is another agent who lives here who is already marketing here. Should I find another building to market or should I take him down? A:  You obviously find drive in being competitive, but there is a thing as a little too […]

Winning by the Numbers (Yours, and Your Competitors’)

The Competition

I’m lucky to own and operate a business I absolutely love. My company’s focus is simple: to help real estate agents and brokers transform their businesses. This week I taught a new class, entitled “Get the Listing” to a sold-out room! Two of the core themes of our class were differentiating yourself from the competition, […]

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