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This November: Are You Winding-Down When You Should Be Winding-Up?

Every year in mid-November I hear the same comment from agents: “Denise, the market is slowing down. I think I’ll just wind things down, assume nothing else is going to happen, and then wind up next year.” Think again! If you aren’t ready to close your books on your business for the year, it is […]

Ask Denise: New Mindset, New Results

Q: “Denise, I just lost another listing and this one was with a past client. I am crushed. Another agent came in promising a listing price that I know is too high, drone photography, and light staging – which I do! He also said that his company’s market share is top in the country and […]

Ask Denise: Past Client Care

Q: Denise, I have been burned by past clients this last year. I have had 3-4 people who wound up going with another agent. I am mailing my past clients and sphere each month, but I don’t call or see them live. Is the monthly mailer enough? Do I need to do more? I am […]

The Power of Branding

A brand is a visual expression of who you are, what you offer, and what your clients can expect from you. It is a blueprint of your client experience. It will season conversations about you and your company, and it must be an authentic representation of who you are. Your brand can instantly communicate what […]

I Don’t Want It Unless Someone Else Wants It!

hand dangling house key

There is an interesting phenomenon occurring in the real estate world that has some agents perplexed. Some of their listings are getting multiple offers while others sit gaining nothing more than additional days on the market. It seems that the more offers that are received on a property the more offers that continue to trickle […]

Ask Denise: Prospecting List of Historic Homes

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, what do you think of my idea to create a prospecting list of historic homes in my area? A:  I love it! But there are a few things I encourage you to do first: Determine your budget. If you can’t afford to send a piece of mail each month to 500 homes, start […]

Ask Denise: Agent Competition

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I want to market to the units in my condo, but there is another agent who lives here who is already marketing here. Should I find another building to market or should I take him down? A:  You obviously find drive in being competitive, but there is a thing as a little too […]

Winning by the Numbers (Yours, and Your Competitors’)

The Competition

I’m lucky to own and operate a business I absolutely love. My company’s focus is simple: to help real estate agents and brokers transform their businesses. This week I taught a new class, entitled “Get the Listing” to a sold-out room! Two of the core themes of our class were differentiating yourself from the competition, […]

Why You Need Your Own “Brand,” by Denise Lones

By Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP A new client of mine was recently approached by her broker.  He didn’t understand why the agent hired me to do “branding”.  His comment?  “Why do you need to spend money on that?  We have company marketing materials that you can use.” Sound familiar?  I bet it does.  Many agents […]

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