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Ask Denise: County vs Community

Q: “Denise, I am working on creating some mailing templates for my database with your company. My question is regarding statistics and information. I have clients all over the county, but I would ideally like to work in a smaller area. Do I include stats for the whole county or just the area that I want to work in?”

A: This is a problem that many agents have, especially as their businesses grow: Clients move out of the neighborhood, referrals turn into past clients who deliver their own referrals. It’s a good thing! However, when faced with an introspective moment like this, it provides an opportunity to narrow down your focus IF that is what you want to do (and it sounds like it is).

There are a couple of options:

  • Option 1 – Include BOTH the county and your more-local area by including two sets of stats.
  • Option 2 – Include ONLY the local area.

If you have this dilemma, remember, you can include stats for any area that your MLS will produce stats for! Here are a few different stat solutions that we have built for our clients:

Homeowners like to receive information that is most relevant to their area, so the more local, the better. But you don’t have to alienate your other folks in your database. We can create templates for you that will serve all your clients well. But if you want to narrow down your focus, then naming and claiming your niche by narrowing down the information you provide is just fine.


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