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The Foundation of All Success: ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!

I have coached many agents over the years and most of them want to know what the “secret sauce” is for success in real estate.  Without any hesitate I quickly reply, “ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!!!”

You can have the best vision for your business and the loftiest goals but without taking CONSISTENT ACTION in your business you rarely get to the successful place you want to be.  Many agents know they want to make money, but they don’t concentrate enough on taking consistent repeatable action to reach their goals. The desire for financial success is merely a hopeful financial goal that will go nowhere without taking action in your business.  Your business needs an action plan that is tied to both a calendar and a series of events.

I always tell my clients that once they have a clear picture of what their vision is for their business they need to think about a plan to get there.  A good plan is one that is simple, easy to follow, and something that you can consistently do each week in your business.  If the plan is unrealistic to the day to day demands of your business then it will only remain an unexecuted plan.

Execution is the “action” gasoline in your business. It is what guarantees that you will reach your goals.  An agent may have a great vision and a very detailed plan but if they are not executing that plan consistently, they will never reach the level they want to reach.

When an agent tells me they are concerned about their business or that they aren’t earning the income they need to make, it is almost always a result of lack of action.  Perhaps they have been so busy with current clients that they neglected to take action with their past client follow up or potential client care.  Perhaps they have been going through something in their personal life and have been hiding out from their business. In either case, it is lack of action.

As a real estate professional, you have so many tasks to complete and you need something to keep you grounded. You need a blueprint, a plan for success and an action plan.  Nothing gets done without taking action in your business.


Be honest and ask yourself if you have an action plan for your business.  When you have a strong vision of what you want in your business and you consistently take action on the things you know build your business you will have success, guaranteed!


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