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Branding Spotlight: Campaigns = $$$

Campaigns are key to building and maintaining relationships. Campaigns can consist of newsletters, written notecards, calls, meetings, reports, custom research, emails, and even social media. The key is to build a structure of communication so people think of you first when they need a real estate professional.

Every relationship is built on campaigns. Birthday cards, little acts of service, a phone call on Mother’s or Father’s Day, and even liking a friend’s post on Facebook is part of a campaign. You may not think of it that way, but these are all actions that are taken to keep the relationship strong. The same can be applied to your real estate business.

Who in your business needs a campaign?

  • You need a campaign to generate leads
  • You need a campaign to cultivate those leads
  • You need a campaign once a transaction closes
  • You need a campaign for past clients
  • You need a campaign for everyone in your sphere
  • You may even want to develop a campaign for vendor referrals such as lenders, title, inspectors, and more

How effective are campaigns? Just this last week, three of our ENCORE clients who have been diligently sending real estate market information to a farm area had what we call “celebrity campaign moments” – they were recognized by their campaign recipients (strangers to our agents), but these folks felt like they had a relationship with our agents and trusted them because they had been receiving their newsletter now for several months if not years. THAT is a successful campaign!

Do your campaigns need help? If your database is in need of a lifeline, your past clients haven’t heard from you in months, and your lead generation plan isn’t working, we can help you transform your business and find the success you knew was in reach. Book your consultation with us now and learn how!


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