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Ask Denise: Template vs Custom Websites

Denise Lones

Q: My company has a template website available for me. It’s nice looking and is very inexpensive. I’m wondering if I’m better off creating a custom website?

A: Yes, absolutely. I use the analogy of taking the bus or driving a car. With a template website, it’s similar to being on a bus with a whole lot of other people. You take a predetermined route, with limited options on where you can go and when you will get there. But with a custom website, just like when you’re driving your own car, your options are wide open.

Here’s another thing to think about. What if you want to generate leads? Many templates can’t do that for you. What if you want to have custom programming? What if you want to incorporate very distinct photography that doesn’t fit into the predetermined boxes in a template? You can’t.

Custom sites are very powerful and can enhance your business in so many, positive ways. The only real limitation you have is your budget. If you’re happy riding the bus, ride the bus. If you want to take your business on a special journey that you plan out, then a custom site is what you need.

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