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The Connected Agent: The Most Important Agent To Be

Real estate is a business where clients hire you because they have faith that you can help them buy or sell real estate in an easy streamlined manner. Before you can find those clients you have to make connections. A connection can either be in person, on the phone, by mail, by email or simply by an online post that you have written. Connecting is about making an impression with people and becoming top of mind.

Here are 6 ways to connect with your clients.

  1. Past Clients
    First and foremost, if you want a strong referral based business you have to take care of your past clients. Connecting with them monthly with a good quality real estate related mailing piece is critical to remain top of mind. Your annual plan for your past clients could include quarterly reports, articles, annual client reviews and even market updates.
  2. Potential Clients
    These are any clients that may buy or sell real estate within the next two years. Yes – the next two years! It is critical that you make a list of these potential clients and REALLY find out what each of them might need over the next two years until they are ready to buy or sell. For example, imagine you have a seller who can’t sell until their kids graduate from high school. A great thing to do for this potential seller would be to send them quarter updates showing how their market area has increased in value or has changed. Potential buyers also really appreciate receiving information on how the neighborhoods they are interested in are changing in terms of price or demand.
  3. Now Clients
    These are any clients that are in the pending to closing phase of a transaction with you. Instead of just sending them email updates take the time to REALLY connect with them, call them with the updates, you are sure to have additional questions asked of you. There is nothing better than relaying important information direct to the client. Find excuses to really let your personality and great service shine through this phase of the transaction and it will surely bring you referrals along the way.
  4. Online
    Connecting online is not just about going in and commenting on someone’s Facebook feed. It is about private messaging them and letting them know how their post affected you. Take your online connecting to a whole new level by finding good reasons to reach out to people personally, not just generally.
  5. Video Updates
    Video updates are a great way to show your clients that they are special and that you are going out of your way to connect with them. There is nothing more impressive to me than when an agent makes me my own video. It is special and it leaves a lasting positive impression. Check out a service like BombBomb for a simple, easy-to-use system for emailing personal videos
  6. Geographical Farm
    Most agents start farming and then stop when they don’t get a quick enough return on their investment. Geographical farming can be very effective if you connect with your farm in the way they want to be connected do. Home owners don’t want a sales pitch they want good quality relevant information about their area. To farm successfully you have to connect successfully. To connect you have to be consistent and you have to provide relevant information that means something to the homeowners in your farm area.

Whenever you find yourself short on business ask yourself how much connecting you have done lately. Connections are the fuel of any successful real estate agents business.

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