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The Connected Agent: The Most Important Agent To Be

Real estate is a business where clients hire you because they have faith that you can help them buy or sell real estate in an easy streamlined manner. Before you can find those clients you have to make connections. A connection can either be in person, on the phone, by mail, by email or simply […]

Smart Phones: Being Too Tuned-In Can Be A Turn-Off

Woman using a smart phone

Recently I attended the Home Show in Seattle and was quite surprised by what I found. Initially I went to the Home Show to check out all the latest and greatest products and companies in the home products industry. But what I actually encountered was very disappointing. Gone were the days of the smiling salesperson […]

Lead Conversion: Part Three

Cheerful man on a cell phone

Successfully Converting Telephone Leads Two weeks ago I talked about converting internet leads … and last week I talked about converting “live” leads. Today I want to talk about converting telephone leads. By far the most difficult lead to convert is the telephone lead. But agents who can master this type of lead conversion can […]

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