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Jump Start for Fall!

Can you believe that we are almost at the end of August and September is right around the corner?  What a great time to reflect back on your year and to celebrate your wins and examine your struggles.

With kids going to school and our focus turning away from summer activities, this is a great time to examine your business and determine if you are on track – or if you need to make some adjustments as you head towards the end of the year.

First some evaluation:

1) Are you on track financially?
This is the easiest thing to evaluate but the one thing that causes the most stress for agents. You must be careful not to judge yourself too harshly if you are not where you wanted to be financially. There could be many reasons for that and rather than focus on what you haven’t made this is the time to evaluate what you can do to catch up. Could you do a special mailing to your database or increase the number of letters you send out to your new listings? Could you start sending updates to the neighbors when the homes you list sell? All these things can give your fourth quarter a boost. Instead of beating yourself up for what you haven’t made, it is time to make a new plan, add some more money-making lead generation activities into your business and get busy with your new plan.

2) Have you been in contact with your database per your plan?
If you have not been able to do exactly what you had planned for your database now is the time to catch up for strong impact. Fall is the perfect time to plan and host a client appreciation event. Plan the event for early December and then begin mailing save the date cards now. This gives you that much needed contact with your database and it also allows you time to plan for the event. You can also use this time to start preparing for your annual client reviews. Don’t look in the rear-view mirror; keep your eyes ahead on what you can still do to finish strong.

3) Have you completed the projects you had on your list to complete at the beginning of the year?
Make a list of all the things you have accomplished this year and then make another list of the things you still want to complete before year end. Get your calendar out and start listing those things in your calendar, make them important and give them a deadline. However, make this a realistic list – not a list of everything you ever wanted to accomplish. Focus on tackling the tasks one project at a time.

4) How are you feeling physically?
Evaluate how you are feeling physically. Are you tired, burnt out, or energized? Many agents by the time they hit September are exhausted. If that is you then it is time to plan some much-needed time off. You will not work through your exhaustion until you address it and take a much-needed break, you will come back energized and will be ready to take on your fall catch up plan.

In addition, is there anything physically that you feel you need to be addressed? Listen to your gut on this one. If you have had a physical change and feel that the change may need to get checked out, DO NOT IGNORE YOUR INTUITION! Please pick up the phone today and make an appointment to have it checked out.

5) Have you neglected anyone because of your business?
Do you find yourself feeling guilty because you have been too busy to spend time with those special people in your life? Think about your spouse, kids, friends, or any family members. If anyone is on your list of people who need attention, get your calendar out right now and your phone and start making calls to set up events to give these people the time you want them to have. If you have been too busy to take your kids out for some special time with you then plan an outing right now and make it happen. Even if you have to calendar all of your personal events at least you will see them on your calendar which makes you more likely to keep them. This is a great time of year to plan some special events with the people that matter to you in your life.

Take the time to evaluate where you are and where you would like to be at the end of the year. Then take the action you need now so you will finish the year strong and start 2018 with a bang!!!

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