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The 2018 Real Estate Success Summit: Inspirational Agents

I have spent over twenty years as a real estate coach, helping real estate agents build their businesses. I’ve been an agent, a managing broker, a trainer and a coach.

Each agent I have met is unique and each does their best work when they find a system that suits their personality, their business style, and their life.

I have never been a fan of cookie-cutter real estate coaching because I don’t believe that one program designed to be delivered to the masses can work for every person. I do however believe that when a real estate agent is ready to make a change, there is a way for them to get there that works more naturally for them when that way considers the many facets of their business and their personality. I believe that each real estate agent is unique, and transformation needs to include examining what the agent can sustain in terms of change, not just do for a short period of time.  In other words, if the change is too painful or too difficult it won’t be maintained.

I wanted to share the stories of some select real estate agents that had successfully transformed their businesses their way.  That is how the Real Estate Success Summit came to be.  When I think of the 16 agents that will share their stories at the Summit I am reminded of their journeys to get where they are today.  None of these agents started as superstar agents. Each had to find what worked for them, they had to learn new skills, new systems and ways to innovate and create client care programs that would keep their clients coming back for more.  Each was humbled along the way and every one of them have one very important thing in common: They left their egos at the door and indicated a willingness to learn from others and be open to feedback and critique. In other words, they allowed me to analyze their business, critique what they were doing, offer new ideas and suggest ways to make things better.  They were humble, open, and honest about wanting to make their businesses better and all have demonstrated an amazing commitment to concierge client care.

My goal with the Summit is to inspire others and to show them that there are many ways to be successful in real estate and many different roads that can be traveled to get there.  I invite you to join us for a day full of education and motivation.  I promise that you will be as wowed these agents as I have been.  The day begins with my 2018 State of the Market and ends with The Rock Star Agents Panel.  The event is over 90% sold out so you need to act fast if you want to join us.

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