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Branding Procrastination = Costly Missed Opportunities

When I first started working with new home builders who were developing large residential communities, I was in awe of the amount of effort that went into the branding and naming of the community.  I remember sitting in meetings and focus groups for what seemed like weeks to come up with the branding concept and the name for the development.  We would come up with a short list of names we liked then we would hire people in focus groups to tell us what kind of homes they thought they would find in a community with that name.  It was critical to match the brand with the type of product we were building.

Once the name was chosen, we then picked the colors and visual elements that matched our overall “brand story.” I used to sit in shock as the branding and marketing companies pitched their ideas to us and then presented us their bids which were almost as much as one of the homes we would be selling. I recall asking one of my developers how they justified paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the branding and marketing plans we were pitched and I will never forget what he said: “ROI – it is the best return on investment because it attracts buyers and it sells homes.”  That said it all.

Even when we had finished building the model home and it was all decorated and the finishing touches added and eye-catching landscape done, the model would not be held open until the sales office was completed. It was the sales office that told the story of the community, the builder, and the homes through displays and takeaway materials. Do you ever recall going into a new homes sales center and being excited to see the homes because the sales center presented such a good impression?  I certainly can, and I know now that a well thought brand and “visual story” is what can take your business to the next level just like it does for new home builders.

Real estate professionals are selling an experience, an expectation and a desired outcome. A key reason why it is critically important to VISUALLY BRAND your business, just like the new home builders do.  If someone looked at your brand, would they know what you do that is different from your competitor and beneficial to them? Would it draw in a potential client? If they saw a number of your materials together – a house flyer, just listed card, home book cover, and all the materials you bring into, say, an open house, would that person think you were professional and had all their systems together or would they see a hodge-podge of messages and colors? What does your brand say about you? What is your “visual” point of difference?

Without a strong brand you leave the expectation a surprise to the client.  You may get your foot in the door because of your personality or because you were referred, but if you want to “attract” new business easily and frequently you need to develop your brand, market your brand and use it on everything you do. A brand to do the talking when you are not available to do it such as when you have a visitor to your website, social media, or if you send out a postcard.  A strong brand will attract clients without you having to say a word because your visual brand told your story for you.  Now that is what I call leveraging your time and your talent!

Procrastinating on developing your brand may be costing you business and opportunities that you never even know about! Don’t let opportunities pass you by. Developing a brand should never cost you money – it is an investment in your business that will pay for itself time and time again.

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