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Ask Denise: Blocking Out Project Time

Q: “Denise, I had two projects that I really wanted to get done this summer for my business:

  • Start planning my late fall client appreciation event
  • Get my database updated

But my business has been crazy this summer and every time I sat down to do it, I had a seller who was thinking about selling and needing a CMA or a relocating buyer who wanted to go out looking at property. I am grateful for my business, but I know that if I can do these two things, I will feel so much better about how I take care of my past clients. Do I need to get off the grid and hide out to get these done or is there another way?”

A: First of all, I concur that these two projects are going to not only make you feel better about your past clients, but this will also bring you business. I have clients who, once they did a client event, would always make it a priority. And once you do it once, it becomes easier.

Getting your database organized, and then making sure you incorporate a follow-up plan is another great way to be of service and as a result, you will enjoy repeat business and referrals.

The key is to find you some time to do it. I have two suggestions although you may need the more-extreme second option to jump-start your project time:

  1. The Half-Day of Power – This is an elongated version of my Hour of Power, but sometimes it is just what you need to get the job done or at least get started on a new project. The key is you need to talk about it and amp yourself up for it. If your clients ask if you are available during your designated time, say you are already booked and offer another day. If you have co-workers, a spouse, or kids, talk about it like it is a very exciting thing you are going to do. For example, “This Thursday morning, I am going to plan my client appreciation event.” This will provide you with some accountability also since they may ask you how your planning went or what type of event you decided to do. Mark yourself out of the office. Leave a voicemail message on your phone that says, “Hello, this is Jane. I will be in meetings until 1:00 today and will return all calls and emails this afternoon.” Leave a similar auto-responder on your email. Don’t turn on your email. Leave your phone in another room and get to work!
  2. Change of Scene – Some people need to actually have a complete change of space in order to focus. That might be a restaurant, a hotel room, the library, or anywhere that lets you have a flat surface to work at for an extended period of time. There have been a few times in my career that I have had to do just this in order to get something done.

In my office, when my staff needs a focused project day to either work on a special project for a client or a project for my company, they announce that they are having a Day of Power, they put a note on their door so no one will disturb them, and the rest of the team is there to defend that time for them. It works brilliantly. I want the same success for you.


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