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Re-Tooling Your Listing Presentation – The Smart Agent’s Guide to Staying Relevant

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t read about a new real estate company jumping into the industry with a fancy new idea created to entice sellers into working with their company.  Promises of quick sales and high prices with creative marketing programs abound.  As an agent in today’s diverse offering market you need to stay relevant.

Staying relevant means being up on the latest shifts in the real estate market and the industry.  You need to know what other agents and companies are offering at the listing presentation so you can be well-informed and able to show sellers why they need to hire you.  You need to show your value and the benefits you can provide the seller that they won’t be able to find elsewhere.  In other words, if you are doing the same listing presentation you did even two years ago you are way out of date.

Are you losing listings because you don’t know how to convey your point of difference, or do you freeze when you discuss fees because you are so nervous that another agent has offered to work for less?  Are you losing listings because the moment you present your pricing evaluation the seller looks at you like you are incompetent and you don’t know how to properly address their objection?  Do you find yourself winging it or taking shortcuts in your presentation because you think you have “read” the sellers correctly only to find out they didn’t hire you?

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but most listing presentations don’t cut it anymore because they aren’t addressing the new models in the industry.  Agents aren’t addressing seller concerns over the plethora of choices sellers have and why those choices aren’t the best for them.

So, what do you do about this? Do you continue doing what you have been doing because you don’t know what to change or do you make upgrading your listing presentation your number one priority in your business?  I would strongly suggest you take a good hard look at this and then do an upgrade and update.

The first thing you need to do when revamping your listing presentation is to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. What do you do that resonates with sellers and where do you find yourself getting uncomfortable?  What parts of your presentation need revamping?  The home tour? The pricing? The marketing? The fee discussion? The point of difference discussion? Or are you just not sure where to start?

The best advice I have for agents is to include a combination of the following components when you are revamping:

Get Visual

Sellers need you to stop talking so much and they need you to start showing them examples of what you will do for them and your results.  Marketing should be shown in a visual format.  People are highly visual and respond extremely well to visual samples.  Revamping your presentation to be highly visual is an excellent way to wow potential sellers and showcase the systems that you credit your listing success.

Get Relational

Sellers need strong confident discussions and they need you to be able to relate to them and their concerns.  If you rely solely on the wow factor of your presentation you will be missing out on the most powerful way to connect with your sellers.  The best way to do this is to ask questions, find out your seller’s pain points, and provide them with solutions to address these pain points.

Use Analytics

You need to get analytical. Even with a house tour, don’t just talk about the home improvement, quantify why certain home amenities result in listing dollars for the seller and how much those improvements are worth. Be more analytical with your research and show your past results with a comparison graph. You need to provide proof of your performance.

Sellers need you to be direct and upfront about different selling models because they are hearing about these models and are curious.  Articulate the different models and then show why you are the best choice for them.

In the event you feel you could use some revamping of your listing presentation I invite you to join me for my upcoming workshop class: Stop Losing Listings You Should Have Won:

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