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Branding Spotlight: Social Media Templates

If you’re working to create and execute a social media marketing plan, make your life a little easier with social media templates. Similar to our print marketing templates, these are simple to customize for all kinds of post types. Whether it’s a post or  every listing, pending, or closed property announcement, a market update, or a “story” on Facebook and Instagram, having a template decreases the amount of time you spend creating posts while maximizing your brand recognition.

Part of the challenge with social media is that the algorithms are engineered to make the platform the most money. That’s why they push paid content as much as possible. This means two things for our agents:

  1. If you are going to pay to “boost” a post or place an ad, make sure you have the best possible image with your branding in full view to make the best impression.
  2. Any posts you don’t “boost” need to be just as amazing to give potential clients who visit your page the best experience possible. This will help maximize your organic reach and support your paid advertising.

Social media is a dynamic tool to help you reach and stay in contact with your clients.

Curious about how branding in social media templates can streamline your online marketing? Book a branding consultation today!

To talk to a branding expert and discover how branding can make a difference in your real estate business, call us at (360) 527-8904, email [email protected].


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