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More Than Just a Transaction — Create a Memorable Experience Instead!

One of my colleagues has been raving about a local business. She keeps telling me, “Denise, you just HAVE to visit this place! It’s a local farm that grows apples but it’s just amazing on so many levels.”

It’s important to note that this particular colleague of mine has very high standards. If she raves about a place, then I KNOW it must be something special.

So, I was out shopping the other day with my daughter. On the way home, we decided to stop and check out the farm.

Not knowing quite exactly what to expect, I pulled up and parked my car near the sign that read “Bellewood Acres”.

Immediately upon getting out, a very nice lady walked up to us and said, “Welcome! Have you ever been here before?”

Her warmth and enthusiasm immediately grabbed our attention. It took less than two seconds to realize that this is a person who loves her job.

She told us all about the farm and offered to take us on a tour, pointing to a golf cart. She even suggested that we cruise around in it ourselves if we preferred.

Which is exactly what we did.

My daughter and I spent a full half hour bouncing around in a fun golf cart exploring the grounds. We saw the different varieties of apple trees. We saw beautiful vistas that totally charmed us. We witnessed workers at various stages of caring for the grounds.

After our whirlwind tour, we headed back to the store at the front of the farm. Again, we were overwhelmed with friendliness. The staff was informative and helpful, showing us all the fine homemade products that they sell. They offered free samples and displayed extraordinary knowledge about each product—from the ingredients to the health benefits to the process by which it was made.

Standing close by the front door was a man who was incredibly eager to talk to everybody who came in. He introduced himself as the owner. He talked to me for about twenty minutes. He told me about how he started, how he built the business from the ground up, and all the struggles he experienced along the way.

I was mesmerized. It was an incredible story. I was totally blown away by the friendliness of this man and his staff.

They even let us into their private home to use the washroom! Now THAT’s customer service.

I hardly remember a time when people did everything possible to create such a memorable experience. Most places, you just walk in and it’s a typical buyer and seller relationship. There may be some small talk, but it’s more of a transaction than an experience.

This was so much more than just a transaction!

Needless to say, I walked out of there with way more items than I had ever anticipated buying.

But I was glad I did. It was money I was happy to spend. These people did so much for us that they EARNED my dollars. The golf course tour itself was worth every penny I gave them.

When was the last time you gave YOUR clients a truly memorable experience? When did you go above and beyond?

When you think about what makes a memorable experience, you realize that it’s about human beings connecting with each other—providing exceptional client care that people crave.

It’s rare.

Think about it. When was the last time YOU were floored by a place that was less interested in making a sale and more interested in making sure you had an incredible time while you were there?

Bellewood Acres certainly knows how to do it. And so should you!

When you consider that such experiences are so rare, you realize how much of an incredible opportunity it is to design your business around creating memorable experiences for your clients—for the simple fact that so few are doing it!

When you truly care about people, it shows through everything you do. People know. Just like they can spot a fake a mile away, they know the real thing when they find it.

You know what I mean. I’m sure you’ve experienced a salesperson in your life who was all about earning a commission. Their eagerness is clearly directed at making a sale, not at creating a memorable experience for you.

People who hard sell cannot survive anymore. We live in a savvier world where people see through your intentions.

In simple, put your client first. From the first email or phone call, think about how you can help them in ways that no other agent does. Provide them with information that truly benefits them. Go above and beyond the call of duty to get them what they want.

You know how to do this already. At some point in your life you received service that blew you away. Think back to how it felt—and ask yourself how you can do that for the people who hire you.

Learn the lesson of Bellewood Acres. Create a memorable experiences—not just transactions—for your clients.

By Denise Lones CSP, M.I.R.M., CDEI

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