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Converting Leads … Remember Your Personality Style!

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Earlier this month I talked about converting leads, from the telephone, the internet, and in-person. My goal in those posts was to give you some thoughts about the kind of steps you need to take when converting leads specific to each category of client.

But there’s another issue to think about when you’re converting leads. And that’s your personal style … and the style of your client.

If you try to convert, and “close” with the same message, and in the same style for each and every client, you’re not going to be very successful.

The most successful real estate agents I know are the agents who follow the steps for conversion that I provided you in my previous Zebra Reports, and then carefully camouflage their personality so that it doesn’t take precedence over the personality of the person they’re talking to.  

Many of you will have taken a personality assessment at some point in your life. There are assessments which give you a series of alphabetical letters, assessments that assign you an animal persona, and a whole host of others. In my company, we use our proprietary personality assessment, which places you in one of four categories – Promoter, Controller, Support, and Analytical.

I estimate that 80 – 85% of all real estate agents are Promoters and Supporters. Promoters are the bright, bubbly, outgoing “people-lovers”. A fast pace is a priority for Promoters, and they are typically energetic, enthusiastic, and results-oriented. Supporters are quieter than Promoters, but they are also people-oriented. They’re hand-holders, and are great providers of emotional support for the people in their lives. Supporters typically work at a somewhat slower pace, and harmony is critically important to them; they are responsive and cooperative.

What about the other 15% of real estate agents?  Those are the Analyticals and the Controllers. Like Supporters, Analyticals work at a slower pace. But they are not the individuals you automatically think of as being a “people person”. Extreme accuracy is very important to Analyticals, and they don’t like to be rushed. Analyticals appreciate structure and routine, and are always anxious to have “the right answer”. And you can tell a Controller because of their focus on efficiency. Like Promoters, they work at a fast pace … but unlike Promoters they aren’t always super warm and fuzzy. Controllers are highly results-oriented individuals.

Since most of you are Promoters and Supporters, let’s start there!

Let’s say you’re a bright, bubbly, outgoing Promoter. And you’re trying to convince a Controller to move forward. Here are my tips for making that happen.

  • Keep the pace brisk
  • Don’t be too casual or overly friendly
  • Get to the point
  • Keep your physical distance, and keep physical contact to a minimum
  • Let the other person be more important than you
  • Don’t be dismayed by their bluntness
  • When closing be direct and confident; don’t apologize

Controllers want you to be business-like, professional, highly competent, and efficient. If you keep this in mind you can successfully sell to, and close, a Controller.

What if you are talking to a Supporter? That’s going to look very different.

  • Keep the pace slow
  • Be social, but not overly so
  • Offer plenty of emotional support for their decision
  • Provide supporting materials
  • Share testimonials
  • When closing, be polite and reassuring

Remember, Supporters need to feel an emotional connection, and they need time to make their decision.

Of course, you will also encounter Analyticals. If you’ve worked with a client who very detail-oriented and needs time to think things over, you’ve worked with an Analytical. Being successful with this group requires care.

  • Keep the pace slow
  • Provide facts (more facts than you can imagine they will need)
  • Don’t try to impress them
  • No bluffing; if you don’t know the answer just say so
  • Keep your physical distance, and keep physical contact to a minimum
  • When closing, be direct and confident

Because Analyticals are looking for the “right” answer, you need to know your data and be confident in your recommendations.

Finally, you may be working with people who are also Promoters. While it seems like it would be easy to sell to someone with a personality style like yours, that’s not always the case! If you’re talking to another Promoter things can quickly spiral away from business.

  • Keep the pace brisk
  • Stick to the business at hand
  • Don’t forget to close

Take a moment to think about your typical interactions with clients. Are you thinking about the best way to camouflage your natural style so that it doesn’t overpower the client? If not, start today!

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing strategies for those of you who are Controllers, Analyticals, and Supporters. Watch for that information in future Zebra Reports!

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4 Responses to “Converting Leads … Remember Your Personality Style!”

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  3. rob breese says:

    using your “personality style” training @ our next agent training seminar—-really good info!!

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