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Converting Leads … Remember Your Personality Style!

Agent demonstrating to an Analytical

PART ONE: CLOSING WHEN YOU’RE A “PROMOTER” Earlier this month I talked about converting leads, from the telephone, the internet, and in-person. My goal in those posts was to give you some thoughts about the kind of steps you need to take when converting leads specific to each category of client. But there’s another issue […]

Design Spotlight: Dave Bray

Dave Bray came to us looking for a brand with high impact, high functionality, and high visibility. Drawn to a classic design style, Dave wanted to also incorporate tasteful contemporary elements.   Because Dave works primarily with banks and investors, he needed a clean, professional image – but one that would stand out in the crowd. […]

Design Spotlight: Sharon Newsom

The brand we developed for Sharon Newsom has a rich and welcoming flavor, while maintaining an air of simplicity. While Sharon’s personal style leans toward elegant and dramatic, it was important to her to have her brand remain a backdrop which allows her to showcase her clients’ properties. The use of a watermark allows Sharon’s […]

Design Spotlight: “Mahogany Accents”

The “Mahogany Accents” brand is inspired by a classic motif.  Although it combines both brown and green, the brand doesn’t feel heavy or dated.  Instead, it draws on the positive attributes of green (a sense of calm and safety) and brown (feelings of reliability and approachability) in a fresh, new way. Whether you want to […]

Why Savvy Agents Brand

I’ve been flooded with questions and comments about real estate logos and branding in the last 30 days.  We had such positive response to our recent “before and after” contest … and it made me realize that I need to talk about the power of branding more regularly. I’m a proponent of branding because it […]

Design Spotlight: Hanna Petros

A love of subtlety drew Hanna Petros to create a brand that was classic in design with simple and natural elements. Hanna asked us to develop a brand that reflected her core values: community and ecology.  We began our process by identifying color hues that were reminiscent of the “eco” movement – primarily green – […]

Design Spotlight: “Northern Coast”

Blue is a color you’ll often see featured in our brands.  Not only is it the “favorite” color in America, the color blue is associated with many positive attributes (dependability, commitment, serenity, reliability), which is why it’s often a favorite when it comes to brands. We’ve put a new spin on blue with our “Northern […]

Design Spotlight: “Touchdown!”

Why not take your love for the game to a whole new level?  “Touchdown” is perfect for that agent who wants to incorporate football into their brand.  There are many tie-ins between the game and real estate, making it a fun brand to play around with.  This brand could be the “Touchdown” for your marketing! […]

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