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Design Spotlight: Dawn Taylor

Dawn Taylor's Design

Dawn Taylor developed a brand with The Lones Group several years ago, but her target market had changed over the years. She came to us again recently looking for a brand that would encapsulate not only her great personality, but would also match her energy and client-focused approach. Her new branding is based on the […]

Design Spotlight: Andrea Hettinga

Andrea Hettinga's design

Andrea Hettinga, one of our Instant Identity Marketing Makeover clients, originally chose the design “A Little Whimsey”, but had definite ideas of how she wanted to make the design her own and fit it to her style and personality. We started with a color palette of beach hues: blues, greens, and tan and then added […]

Design Spotlight: “Caramel Macchiato”

Do you think brown = boring?  We couldn’t disagree more!  In fact, shades of brown can be very effective, depending on the message of your brand. Brown represents stability, orderliness, confidence, and reliability — all positive traits to have, particularly in an industry which is often viewed with skepticism by consumers. We’ve elevated basic brown […]

Design Spotlight: “Touchdown!”

Why not take your love for the game to a whole new level?  “Touchdown” is perfect for that agent who wants to incorporate football into their brand.  There are many tie-ins between the game and real estate, making it a fun brand to play around with.  This brand could be the “Touchdown” for your marketing! […]

The Evolution of a Brand

In case you haven’t noticed, the Zebra Report has been given a makeover. Even zebras need to be freshened up from time to time! Basically, this is called a branding update. It’s not changing the components, or the message, or the primary colors – it’s giving our brand a tune-up. A makeover. Our zebra has […]

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