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Ask Denise: Getting Results

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I am trying to focus on action rather than results, but it is hard! I have been mailing very strong content to my farm area for six months. However, my phone has not rung once! I am concerned about continuing to pour money into this. What do you recommend – stopping the farm or continuing?

A:  This is exactly what I am talking about! Great question! I wish there was a magic formula for determining when your phone will ring. Sometimes it takes one month. Sometimes it takes a year. It all depends on the timing of the homeowners. If it were me, I would look at my investment and stick with it for at least six more months. In the meantime, I would probably take additional action by having someone review my materials for content and visual impact. Also, I would probably work on previewing all new listings as they come on the market and try to do open houses to increase my visibility. Keep taking action!

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