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The Most Neglected Client in Real Estate: The Potential Client

One of the most common complaints real estate agents have is that their business feels like a roller coaster and is either “feast or famine”.   Some agents would argue that there is nothing they can do about this…


There absolutely is.

There are agents who have discovered the secret to keeping their business steady. It requires that you pay extra attention to the Potential Client.

It begins with developing a system for your Potential Clients. The system must suit the way you do business.  There are many fancy real estate specific software programs out there that could keep track of a list of Potential Clients, but if you are not someone who is going to use that software program it won’t do you any good and you will just be wasting your money!  It could be the best program on the market but if you prefer seeing something visually right in front of you then you should develop the system that you will use.

It doesn’t matter how old fashioned that system is if it suits the way you work then you have a much better chance of using it consistently.  If you are someone who prefers using software then by all means, use that. However, you should have the clients’ contact information and desired real estate need available to you at any time.

Here are some ideas for keeping track of your Potential Clients:

  • High Tech Option – Utilizing a CRM program to keep track of all your Potential Clients is an excellent way to keep these clients top of mind.  You should be the type of agent that enjoys using technology and you should be familiar with how the program works and how to quickly get and update information on your desktop and on mobile.  Most agents love the idea of this but many don’t have the patience for this.
  • Low Tech Option – The lower tech version for tracking your Potential Clients is simply using an Excel sheet to keep track your clients’ contact information and their needs. You just simply print the list off and take it with you in your vehicle or use it when putting together communication and mailing plans for this database.
  • No Tech Option – The no tech option is the good old-fashioned list kept on a clip board in your car or on your desk that you refer to when you have time to reach out to your potential client list. This is an excellent way to keep these clients top of mind and visual. Another option is a dry erase board.

If you want to grow your business you must pay attention to your Potential Clients and there is no better way to do that than by having a system for keeping them top of mind.


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