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Conquering Conflict

Today, the topic is conflict. Again? Yes. We need to address conflict.

Why? For starters, almost every day in my business, I get a call from at least one agent talking about conflict. There’s conflict with buyers, sellers, vendors, the title company—and other agents! Real estate is an industry that breeds conflict because there are so many moving parts. Being a great agent means being able to master this constant conflict.

However, did you know that lots of good agents avoid conflict? They don’t want to talk about it or go anywhere near it. That’s why so many agents get frustrated when they are trying to resolve conflict and the agent on the other side isn’t responding. Avoiding conflict is a sure sign that someone doesn’t know how to handle it.

Every agent needs to learn how to deal with conflict for themselves, their clients, and their peers. It’s also critical to know how to entice someone who is avoiding conflict to come settle the dispute.

In many cases, the way we address conflict is conditioned from when we are very young. We learn by mirroring the conflict resolution strategies of those around us from parents, siblings, teachers, kids on the playground, and more. Sometimes we learn good conflict resolution techniques. Sometimes, we learn conflict avoidance.

In the upcoming class I am presenting this month, Speak Up and Make More Money, I am going to unveil every part of the conflict resolution program and system. This includes identifying conflict, becoming aware of how you react to conflict, and how to resolve conflict. These techniques aren’t just for real estate. They’re effective for conflict with family, friends, co-workers, vendors, and anyone you come in contact with.

Part of conflict resolution is also knowing how to help others who are having difficulty with conflict, and doing that in a healthy and productive way.

The bottom line is that when you know how to deal with conflict, you make more money in real estate because you are able to get through difficult transactions. This makes this one of the most important classes you will ever attend.

Here’s the irony: because the class is about conflict, and you don’t like conflict, you might try to avoid going to this class. Maybe you’re nervous about spending two days talking about this uncomfortable topic. But I promise that you will come away from this class with new knowledge and skills that will help you not only in business but in your personal life as well. Conflict resolution is one of the most valuable skills you can develop.

I cannot wait to see you at our upcoming class. It’s going to be epic, so please join me.


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