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Ask Denise: Unplugging From Clients

Denise Lones

Q: In your article about “distraction diets” you talk about really unplugging from customers and colleagues for periods of time each day. I think this is a huge mistake! Precisely because of technology, our clients expect us to be available to them at all times, and frankly after a couple of slow years I don’t want to risk disappointing anyone or missing any opportunity, however small it might be. 

A: I’m not sure you’re really asking a question, but let me respond to what you said. Respectfully, I disagree! We have allowed our clients to create a 24/7 workweek for us because of fear of losing a client… and as a result we are always “on”. We train customers and clients to have the expectations they do. The real estate agents I coach have learned to have appropriate messages on their voice mail and email – messages that let clients know they value the opportunity to speak with them soon, and spell out expectations for when clients will hear back from them. I truly believe that people don’t need us instantly… they just need to know when they can expect a response

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