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Lead Conversion: Part Two

Two Women Chatting over Coffee

Successfully Converting In-Person Leads After my Zebra Report last week on converting internet leads agents reached out with many comments. I was actually surprised to hear that many agents have sworn off pursuing internet leads because of bad experiences, and who want to go back to the good, old-fashion method of being live in front […]

Ask Denise: Client Appreciation Events

Denise Lones

Q:  One of your recent answers was about client appreciation events. I want to do one, but I am afraid no one will come. Can you give me a few ideas? A:  I hear this so often from agents, and I understand completely. It’s possible the first couple of appreciation events might be lightly attended […]

Ask Denise: Annual Client Reviews

Denise Lones

Q:  I like your idea of doing annual client reviews, but I can’t figure out the best time to do them!  It seems like I put them off each year, and they never get done. A:  You’re not alone! Many agents have the best of intentions, but can’t quite get this handled. There are two […]

What’s In Your Toolbox?

Aranka Fruehauf’s toolbox starts with an attitude toward client care that is second to none – what we would call “concierge class client care.” But it doesn’t stop with attitudes and beliefs! Aranka delivers on her promise of extraordinary client care. Aranka’s clients receive custom-tailored communication from her. She doesn’t simply dash off an email […]

Ask Denise: Unplugging From Clients

Denise Lones

Q: In your article about “distraction diets” you talk about really unplugging from customers and colleagues for periods of time each day. I think this is a huge mistake! Precisely because of technology, our clients expect us to be available to them at all times, and frankly after a couple of slow years I don’t […]

The Ten Secrets to Extraordinary Client Care

Over the years you’ve heard me talk a lot about service.  More times than I care to think about, I’ve seen (or been the victim of) absolutely appalling service. But occasionally I encounter a level of service that isn’t good, or great, or excellent.  It’s extraordinary, brilliant, and incomparable.  And that’s the kind of service […]

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