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Serve Solutions, Not Endless Banter

So many agents I talk to find themselves stuck in this communication rut. Part of the challenge is they don’t have a system for effective problem-solving with their clients. Do you ever find yourself talking with a client to whom you just can’t seem to say no? Do you ever find yourself in a conversation […]

Ask Denise: Old Truck Blues

Q: “Denise, I have a seller who will be listing in a few weeks. He recently retired and will be moving out of state. His house is in decent shape with a nice view, but he has this old truck in his driveway that is a total eyesore. I am not sure if it is […]

The Summer Time Hues: The Different Colors of the Summer Real Estate Rainbow

Summer is here, and potential buyers and sellers are experiencing different levels of real estate urgency. Some are rushing to make that summer time purchase or sale while others are basking in the sun with no desire to even think about making a move because they are so busy enjoying the weather. Summer is a […]

Let Quality of Life Be Your Guide in 2013 … and Beyond

A Family sledding in the snow

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a long-held belief that the first, and the most important thing in your business, is creating “quality of life”. As we wind down 2012 and head in to 2013 I want to encourage all of you to think about your quality of life. What do I mean […]

Lead Conversion: Part Two

Two Women Chatting over Coffee

Successfully Converting In-Person Leads After my Zebra Report last week on converting internet leads agents reached out with many comments. I was actually surprised to hear that many agents have sworn off pursuing internet leads because of bad experiences, and who want to go back to the good, old-fashion method of being live in front […]

Are “Almost Now” Clients Slipping Through Your Fingers?

Clients and Sold Sign

Over the years I’ve talked a great deal about “not right now” or “almost now” clients – those buyers and sellers who may have expressed a smidgen of interest in buying or selling real estate, but not right at the moment. We get caught up in the activities around “right now” clients, the folks we […]

The Ten Secrets to Extraordinary Client Care

Over the years you’ve heard me talk a lot about service.  More times than I care to think about, I’ve seen (or been the victim of) absolutely appalling service. But occasionally I encounter a level of service that isn’t good, or great, or excellent.  It’s extraordinary, brilliant, and incomparable.  And that’s the kind of service […]

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