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Branding Spotlight: What the Market is Buying?

Give your clients a snapshot of where current market interest is focused by showing them the full spectrum of recently purchased homes in their area. This can help your buyers see where they face the most competition for homes. Use this to show your sellers what kind of demand the market has for a home […]

The Summer Time Hues: The Different Colors of the Summer Real Estate Rainbow

Summer is here, and potential buyers and sellers are experiencing different levels of real estate urgency. Some are rushing to make that summer time purchase or sale while others are basking in the sun with no desire to even think about making a move because they are so busy enjoying the weather. Summer is a […]

Ask Denise: Seller Disappointed by Market Price

Denise Lones

Q:  I just had a listing presentation and presented a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to a couple who thought they would be able to get hundreds of thousands of dollars more for their home than they can in this market. They were banking on this home to allow them to retire. I feel terrible – […]

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