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Ask Denise: Database Mailers

Q: “Denise, this year I am committed to building a stronger relationship with my past clients and my database. These are the people I want to do more business with so I am stepping up my communications with them. Right now I send a design magazine which is customized for me once every-other month. It is easy and I don’t have to think about it. The downside is I am not investing time to make it better and it is really too easy. Also, I am not sending it to my whole database because it is expensive, but I am willing to invest this year, so I can send it to everyone. But what else should I do in terms of a regular connection?”

A: I am so glad you have seen how valuable maintaining strong connections with your database can be and I fully support the idea of your focusing on those connections. There are three things I suggest you do to get started:

  1. I agree you should be sending something to your whole database every month. If you want to begin by sending the magazine every other month to your whole database, that is a good first step.
  2. Most of the design magazines offer some sort of customization, so I encourage you to write a custom letter, include statistics, include an article (like our Club Zebra monthly articles) or include some content that your database would enjoy and find relevant. Ask your magazine sales rep what you can customize and the process for getting them content to include.
  3. Then what to do for the other six months of the year? I encourage you to consider some sort of mailer that is a bit more robust than a standard 8.5 x 5.5 postcard. Even a 5.5 x 11 feels much more substantial and there is plenty of room for great information. My preference is an 8.5 x 11 fold-over mailer like in the example below:


Short on ideas? You can also check out our white paper on content ideas for monthly mailers here:

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