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Why Winging It Isn’t Cutting It Anymore!

I have worked with hundreds of agents who all have their own style, their own personality and their own unique way of doing things. This is exactly what makes our real estate industry so special, we have a melting pot of diverse and interesting agents. Many of these agents have a very specific set way […]

Ask Denise: Prequalifying Sellers

Denise Lones

Q: Denise, when you talked about “qualifying” sellers who call you up for a listing appointment did you really mean that we should ask questions other than very, very basic ones before going to the home? A: Yes I did – and thank you for asking me to clarify! I believe as agents we are […]

Get Your Lead Generation “Faucet”

Realtor Logo

Lead Generation Strategies That Work presented by LoCar (formally Cowlitz County Association of Realtors) Sep 28, 2012 Do your agents have a lead generation system that works as a “faucet” which they can turn on and off as needed? And if they do have some sort of lead generation, does it feel comfortable and natural […]

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