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2014 Business Planning: Providing Stellar Service to Past Clients

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My last two Zebra Reports (Increase Your Referral Base and Easy-to-Follow Referral Generating System) have illustrated not only the importance of staying in contact monthly with your database (made up of both potential and past clients, also called sphere of influence or SOI) but also an easy plan to follow that keeps you top of mind with this database throughout the year.

But those people who have done business with you should get a little bit more of your attention.

Your clients expect you will do a great job for them during the transaction. After all, that is what they are paying you for. But it is the service you provide when you are not getting paid that will keep them coming back for more (and sing your praises to others).

As an agent, I had two tools in my client care toolbox that I brought out every year to take care of my past clients. Utilizing these kept my pipeline nice and full. These are the Annual Client Review and Client Appreciation Event.

Annual Client Review:

The Annual Client Review (ACR) is a snapshot of the market at a moment in time, and provides information to your client about the value of their home based on recent sales activity in their neighborhood. However, it is not the same animal as a traditional comparative market analysis (CMA). The ACR focuses on the relationship that exists between price per square foot and their neighborhood tax assessed values.

I would also include a personalized letter, a copy of their current property tax records, and a neighborhood market activity summary.


The step that really makes the Annual Client Review special is the image of your client’s property on the cover. My recommendation is to update this every year. Does this take work? Yes! But with a bit of planning, this step can be handled very efficiently.

In fact, just this week one of my coaching clients told me that as she dropped off holiday gifts for her past clients, she snapped a photo of their home for their ACR. Now that is some good planning!

ACR Cover

If you think that creating an Annual Client Review might be a great way to connect with your past clients but aren’t sure where to start, I have some great news for you! My Annual Client Review is on sale for $67 (regularly priced at $97) . Included is a Publisher template (pictured above) plus the Excel file which will help you calculate the Assessed Value to Sales Price for their neighborhood as well as for the subject property. You will also receive my instruction manual explaining my process, how to edit the template for your needs, and how to frame up your client communication around the ACR so you provide memorable client care.

Make 2014 the year that you take your past client connections to a whole new level through your real estate expertise!

But for those of you who also like to have a little fun, make sure you include a client appreciation event!

Client Appreciation Event:

So many of my coaching clients have reaped the benefits of a client appreciation event. Client appreciation events can come in many shapes and sizes to best suit the agent.  Breakfast with Santa for more than 100, small intimate dinners for 10 or less, afternoons at the ballpark, miniature golf, or even special outings on the water are great examples of ways to connect with clients.

Step one is to think about the type of event that works best for your personality style. If the thought of being a social director has your stomach in knots, then consider events and venues that don’t put the entertainment emphasis on you. For example, bowling, miniature golf, or breakfast with Santa doesn’t require a lot of interaction with you. Your role is to greet and direct. Connections with your clients will happen naturally. However, with smaller events or a dinner, you may find yourself in the role of engaging host. Plan accordingly!

Step two is to find your venue and determine the date!  Step three – get the word out!

If adding a client appreciation event to your past client care plan is on your “to do” list for 2014, I have two steps for you:

Both are free for Club Zebra PRO members. You can join Club Zebra PRO now for just $9.95 for the first month!

As we wind down the year, I hope you will really think about this series on follow-up and think about some of the changes you are going to make in 2014 based on this to make your client care memorable, to keep them coming back for more, and to spread the word about your outstanding service. This is the core of your business – do a stellar job of taking care of them and they will take care of you.

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