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Ask Denise: Annual Reports

Q: Denise, my business has slowed down a little bit (which is actually a good thing) but I want to put myself in a strong position in January. I have heard something about some annual report that you recommend for past clients. Tell me more!

A: Absolutely! When I was an agent, creating an Annual Client Review was one of the cornerstones of my business. It is an annual report of your client’s property. This keeps you connected to your clients and reminds them that you are looking out for their asset.

I would do these in November and December and by January, the calls and referrals would be rolling in.

Mind you, this is a report that requires a bit of research, some client care, and it requires you to print and mail out the reports. I also encourage a follow-up phone call. It isn’t as easy as hitting a button and emailing out a report. This takes a time investment which historically paid off for me and it has paid off for my clients.

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