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Club Call: Handling Conflict with Ease and Poise

We had a great call with Denise Lones today on the topic of Handling Conflict with Ease and Poise. It is easy to get worked up when someone questions your integrity or when someone is making a much bigger problem out of something than it really is. Denise shared an easy-to-follow formula that can help […]

Seeing the Other Side of a Conflict

two agents in discussion

This week’s topic is on the second point of my conflict resolution formula. As a review, the Conflict Formula is: Speak the facts, not emotion Engage the other person’s point of view or thought Tell the truth and offer solutions Today, we are focused on how to engage the other person’s point of view or thought. This step […]

Dealing With Conflict? Use “The Conflict Formula”

The Conflict Formula

We have gone from a very slow market to a very busy market. Believe it or not it is in this type of market that agents are facing conflict in their transactions. Conflict could show up as buyers fighting to win at their offers or sellers wondering why they need to pay full commission when […]

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