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The Paper Jungle… And How to Navigate Through It!

As a real estate professional, you have to deal with not only your personal and financial files, but also your business files.  Keeping your business files in order could make the difference between having things in order or a chaotic mess that could even lead to legal ramifications.  For both your personal paperwork and your […]

Ask Denise: Keeping Client Files Safe?

Denise Lones

Denise, last week in our coaching group you were mentioning that we should keep physical copies of our client files safe. I just keep them in a file cabinet in my home office. Is that good enough? Consider the type of information that may be contained in that file. You might have addresses, financial information, […]

Systems to Organize Your Business Paperwork

Man's hands and file folders

Last week we discussed ways to handle the personal paperwork (“Tax Time & Paper Management”) in your world. When it comes to your paperwork and your business papers it is easy to get overwhelmed with expenses, paperwork, and files. Many agents struggle with a simple system to keep their files and paperwork in order but […]

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