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Five Things You Should be Tracking

It doesn’t matter what market I’m in, there are 5 things that are critical to track, and they have to do with things like the pace of the market, what the market is willing to pay, how the market has changed year-over-year, and most importantly what the relationship is between the buyers and sellers in […]

“Days On Market” is a Critical Judge of the Market

When agents ask me how the market is I always answer with, “It depends.” There is no such thing as one general market. Markets change by price point, by area, by neighborhood, and by home style. While the media has been guilty of making sweeping statements that the market is either a strong buyers’ or […]

Consumer Confidence

…How the election may affect house prices I want to start off by saying that this article is NOT based on my political views and is not meant to support any party. There is no doubt that election years do have an impact on the housing market.  All you have to do is go back […]

In the News

Rolled up Newspaper

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), newly built single family homes sales are up for the third straight month – up 2.1% in May. According to Rick Judson, NAHB chairman, buyers are taking advantage of the still-low interest rates.

Afraid of What Lies in the Dark Shadows?

woman viewing chart on computer screen

Specifically, that mysterious, much-talked-about “shadow inventory” –the boogeyman that every analyst out there is scaring the pants off consumers by talking about! Large amounts of shadow inventory were created as a result of the mortgage meltdown which occurred in 2007 and 2008… and the collapse of the housing market which followed. Record number of homeowners […]

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