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Ask Denise: Internet Lead Systems

Q: Over the years you’ve had lots of harsh words for internet lead systems… yet you advocate agents getting web sites. What gives? A: I have indeed criticized some internet lead systems – the kinds where you pay hundreds of dollars a month to pay for “guaranteed leads.” These same leads are often sold, and […]

Are You a Real Estate Dinosaur?

I recently read an article that shocked and disappointed me. The gist of the article was this: a real estate agent had recently contacted a major, credible news source with the idea that the end is near for real estate agents. After many years of success in the real estate business, the agent’s outlook on […]

Ask Denise: Working with Gens X and Y

Denise Lones

Q: I’m a Baby Boomer who is feeling like a dinosaur.  I’m a little lost in terms of technology, and am wondering if I should not even try to work with Gen X and Gen Y clients, who are very tech-focused.  Help! A: I hear this a lot from clients who are Boomers with the […]

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