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The Wonder of Windows

That’s some fresh insulation! Today, I am on site at a new construction project and I want to talk about the power of windows. In this project, we took about 80% of the structure down to the foundation and we built up the walls to 10ft. Our goal was to get that panoramic window effect. […]

Today, I Eat My Words

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s Zebra Report. Today, I get to “EAT MY WORDS”. Years ago, when I started the Zebra Report, I had a client of mine ask me if I was nervous about blogging because once I put my thoughts into words I can’t take back those words. If I say […]

The Changing Face of Real Estate: 2017 and Beyond – Part 2

Real estate has been through so many changes over the past 10 years and there are more to come.  If we take a good look at how our population is aging and changing you can easily forecast some changes ahead.  In this two-part series we will look at the top 10 changes and trends the […]

2012 Affordability Record

Rolled up Newspaper

Thanks to lower prices and record low interest rates 2012 will set the housing affordability record. The National Association of REALTORS© reported its November affordability index and the association is expecting the 2012 numbers to end up at 194 which is up from 2011’s record setting index of 186. This will be the highest number […]

In the News

Rolled up Newspaper

A recent article put out by CNN and a report put out by Barclays Capital echoes what I have been saying for over 2 years, real estate is expected to hit record setting levels in the next 26 months. I have been talking about an expected real estate boom for quite some time now. I […]

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