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You are Invited to the State of the Market

Today, I want to invite you to my State of the Market coming up at the end of January. It is so important—especially this year—to know what’s been going on and what’s happening right now in the market. There are changes coming in the new year. There are trends that started because of Covid. Bottom […]

The Importance of Having a Strong Real Estate Voice

One of the biggest challenges real estate agents face is confidence. Just about every agent I know suffers from lack of confidence from time to time. Agents who are new face challenges with confidence because they are concerned about their knowledge and expertise. Agents who are trying to tap into a new market or niche […]

The Changing Face of Real Estate: 2017 and Beyond – Part 2

Real estate has been through so many changes over the past 10 years and there are more to come.  If we take a good look at how our population is aging and changing you can easily forecast some changes ahead.  In this two-part series we will look at the top 10 changes and trends the […]

What Will 2013 Bring?

magnifying glass and chart

2013 is only three days old, yet it has ushered in a huge economic harbinger with the bill to circumvent the fiscal cliff, signed by the President just hours ago. While approval of these tax cuts for 98% of Americans coupled with curtailing automatic deep spending cuts (including cuts to unemployment) should avert another recession, […]

Looking Back … and Looking Forward

Every year in December I take time to look back at what the year has brought … and forward to what our industry can expect in the coming year. 2011 was another year of turmoil when we most needed stability.  Civil unrest continued at high levels in many locations around the world.  Many countries and […]

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