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Stop Sugar-Coating It!

There is nothing as refreshing and at times terrifying as the truth. However, the truth is what your buyers and sellers need to make the decisions they need to make. At times those decisions are easy, other times they are very difficult. Different personality types need different things from you to help them with their […]

The Feedback Formula

What was the last thing you bought online? A book? Toner? Shoes? Chances are if you bought something online that you had not purchased before, you made the decision to purchase based at least partially on the product reviews. When I purchase anything online that I have not purchased before, I certainly check those reviews. […]

The Power of Feedback

two people discussing next to a laptop

You can have every fancy tech gizmo that exists. You can have dozens of years of experience. You can have beautiful branding. You can have a state-of-the-art website too. But if you’re not getting regular feedback about your performance, you’re missing the boat. Feedback – honest feedback from customers – is the most important tool […]

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