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Four tips for following up with the sellers on your Potential Income Tracker

Last week, I shared five tips for working with buyers in your Potential Income Tracker. Here are four suggestions for SELLERS.  Why only four?  It’s because my first suggestion is actually multiple pieces of information, packaged into one!  (Note: these suggestions are intended for potential sellers, not sellers you have a listing agreement with).

Five tips for following up with your buyers on your Potential Income Tracker

If you joined us for our Safari last week, you know we spent a lot of time talking about your Potential Income Tracker, or PIT. It is so important to not only keep track of those folks in your pipeline, but also review your PIT weekly and think about what care or information each client […]

Drumroll Please …

I am thrilled to announce the launch of “Club Zebra” –  the resource for real estate agents interested in building (or maintaining) a successful and sustainable real estate business. Are you looking for a great real estate resource, industry experts, or a partner for success? Well, look no further … because you’ve found it.  Welcome […]

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