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Challenging Appraisals in Today’s Real Estate Market

There isn’t a week that goes by lately that I don’t hear a nightmare appraisal story from one of my clients. There has been a huge surge in appraisal challenges in the last 90 days and it makes me wonder what is going on! Many transactions today are being delayed because appraisers seem to be […]

Good… Or Good For Nothing?

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Poll real estate agents around the country on the value and benefits of a home warranty policy and you’ll receive a wide range of responses. Some agents love them. Other agents feel they’re a waste of money. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a home warranty is basically a service contract to complete future repairs […]

How Much Money Have You Given Away?

Real estate is unlike many professions in that clients feel comfortable – and often compelled! – to reach into our pockets for a slice of commission pie. I don’t think many of us would feel it’s appropriate to ask any other service provider to reduce their fees.  Yet consumers regularly ask their real estate agent […]

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