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Four Powerful Lead Generation Sites

Last week my Zebra Report talked about the opportunities that lie within social media for very inexpensive lead generation.  I promised to share additional information on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and I’m going to do exactly that today.  I’m also going to talk about Google+. All four of these social media sites are quite different.  […]

Hootsuite – Microblogging on Steroids

Manage your social media campaigns and microblogging tasks with a single dashboard using Hootsuite. Hootsuite is available for desktop computers and mobile devices.

Looking for Free Leads?

In the last two Zebra Reports I talked about a topic near and dear to my heart – lead generation. I even shared some of the methods of lead generation that are tried and true – such as open houses, working expired listings, or pursuing FSBOs. All of those methods are great – and they […]

Social Media – It’s Time to Get On Board!

Even if you’re not interested in social media, I want you to read this Zebra Report. I’m going to show you how to dip your toe in the social media waters, without being intimidated or overwhelmed. Regardless of whether you’re a brand new agent, a seasoned agent, or somewhere in-between, there are tools that you […]

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