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Naming and Claiming a Niche Market without Alienating Your Clients

It is common knowledge that specialists usually garner more demand than generalists. However, real estate agents rarely start their real estate business only specializing in one type of real estate. Most real estate agents build their business with any transaction available. Fast-forward a few years and most agents find their database full of past and […]

How to Become a Niche Marketing Expert

Niche marketing is when you decide on a particular target you want to go after, then do whatever it takes to become the very best market expert on that niche, and finally market your expertise to that niche. It sounds simple, right? But there‚Äôs a lot packed into those three steps. First, why should you […]

Design Spotlight: Carol Curtis

This week’s design spotlight features one of our MASTERY agents, Carol Curtis of Sandpoint, Idaho. Carol wanted her band to promote some of the great outdoor activities in Sandpoint, a city that has been voted to have the most beautiful landscapes in the U.S. She specializes in waterfront and golf properties. She likes explaining things […]

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