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Branding Spotlight: Visual Bios & Agent Stats Sheets

A lot of agents have a hard time talking about their accomplishments. It can be awkward to balance stating your value as an agent while trying not to brag or toot your own horn. If you’ve ever struggled with Imposter Syndrome (feeling inadequate despite your experience and qualifications) when marketing yourself, you’re not alone and […]

Branding Spotlight: Semi-Custom Pro #140

This week’s branding spotlight shows you just how easy branding can be with our Semi-Custom and Semi-Custom Pro programs. For this example, we selected Semi-Custom Pro design #140, with a sleek foiled-effect sidebar. If you choose this design for your custom brand, you get to personalize it with colors, fonts, graphics and textures. There are […]

Design Spotlight: Rainy Days

Rainy Days design

Today’s design spotlight features the NEW Instant Identity brand, “Rainy Days.” Here in the Pacific Northwest a rainy day is no cause for alarm, in fact our frequent rainy days are what in turn make this area such a beautiful place to live. So, let’s celebrate it! Our Instant Identity design, “Rainy Days” does just […]

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