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Business Boosting Buyer Strategies

A terrific buyer business will have several key components – client engagement, a powerful presentation, and a “concierge-level” buyer tour. But even with the right tools, you will never solidify your buyer business until you are able to write offers that close and create a follow-up plan that builds long-term relationships. Do you have buyers […]

More Keys to Buyer Success

For most agents, building a lasting – and lucrative! – business requires cultivating both buyers and sellers as clients.  But many agents find working with buyers to be a frustrating experience. I want to change that! In my last Zebra Report, “The Key to Buyers”, I discussed the reasons why engagement is such a critical […]

Polish Your Presentations!

Gone are the days when you can simply show up at a listing presentation with data from your MLS that shows comparable homes. Today’s savvy sellers require much more information. They expect an in-depth analysis of their local market. They want a customized marketing plan, tailored to their home and their needs. They want to […]

Ask Denise: Losing a Buyer

Denise Lones

: I’m a newer agent. Recently I lost a buyer because he called a listing agent whose name was on a yard sign, thinking that only that agent could help him see the house. He ended up writing a contract with her instead of me. Help! A: It is critical, when dealing with your buyers, to have […]

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