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Systems to Organize Your Business Paperwork

Man's hands and file folders

Last week we discussed ways to handle the personal paperwork (“Tax Time & Paper Management”) in your world. When it comes to your paperwork and your business papers it is easy to get overwhelmed with expenses, paperwork, and files. Many agents struggle with a simple system to keep their files and paperwork in order but […]

Ask Denise: The Biggest Mistake Agents Make

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, what do you think is the biggest, common mistake agents make in their real estate business? A:  Wow, now that question has many answers, but for today I will focus on one of the most serious mistakes agents can make. That mistake is the inability to take responsibility for their actions or their […]

Ask Denise: Increasing Commission Income

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, why do so many real estate agents struggle to increase their gross commission income from year to year? A:  That is a fantastic question and one that I feel very strongly about. There are two sides to any real estate agent’s business: the lead generation side and the post-closing client care side. Many […]

Ask Denise: Too much work for time off

Denise Lones

Q:  I am supposed to be getting away for the long weekend, but I just have too much to do. I have two listings that have just come on and I know I am going to have a lot of inquiries and offers coming in. My husband is pressuring me to just leave it and […]

Checking in with Your 2013 Goals


We just passed the 2013 mid-year mark. Have you taken a look at your 2013 goals to make sure you are halfway towards completing them? If you are like many agents who have been caught up in the harried pace of the recovered and hot market, you may not even know where that goal worksheet […]

Ask Denise: Need Business Now

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I am frustrated! I am just getting back into real estate and all this business seems to be going on all around me. But I can’t seem to get my hands on a piece of it! I just started sending information out to my sphere and geographical farm, but I can’t wait for […]

Ask Denise: Conversation Pointers

Denise Lones

Q:  I need your help!  I’m trying to generate leads in my business by taking advantage of some of the things I do in my ordinary life – kids at soccer games, shopping with friends, or volunteer work.  I’m struggling to figure out how and when to move discussions from fun personal stuff, to business […]

Ask Denise: An Agent’s Biggest Mistake

Denise Lones

Q: Denise, what do you think is the single biggest mistake agents make today? A: By far, the biggest mistake agents make is forgetting about past clients. Agents today spend so much time focusing on their ‘right now’ clients, they forget (and often ignore) the value that their past clients bring to their business. According […]

Ask Denise: Open House Tools

Denise Lones

Q: Denise, I saw the samples you had at the “Unforgettable Open House” class. I can see that having all these materials would be super impressive to visitors, but I’m absolutely overwhelmed at the thought of how much work it would be to figure out how to do everything. I really have no idea how […]

Safari is Just Around the Corner!


Don’t let the amazing event pass you by! We’ll be looking at where you are in your business; what the last two years have brought and what the next two years could bring; your natural work and behavioral styles, and how they impact your success; the ten essentials for a successful business; and how to […]