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Ask Denise: To Knock or Not to Knock?

Q: “Denise, I understand you are not a big fan of door knocking, but when I hold an open house, I regularly spend about an hour letting the neighbors know in-person that I am holding an open house, to expect extra traffic, and to let them know they are welcome to drop by. Do you […]

Ask Denise: Stormy Weather

Q: Denise, we have a big storm coming in this weekend and I have a listing coming on today. Should I advise my client to wait? That is a great question! On the one hand, if people are likely to stay home, they might spend some time looking for listings online. On the other hand, […]

Ask Denise: Open House Music

Denise Lones

Q: “Denise, I was hosting an open house last week and I was playing some rock music very softly over the home’s sound system (partially because I wanted to highlight the speakers which were throughout the house). However, I had a couple complain. Should I not play music?”

Converting Leads After the Open House

An agent asked me recently, “Denise, how do I convert leads from an open house?” Converting leads at an open house is easy because they already met you and I bet they developed some sort of rapport with you. Furthermore, they took the time to see a home so they probably are thinking about buying […]

Spring Cleaning and Your Open House Checklist

Depending on where you are in the country, you may or may not be experiencing a super-fast market this spring.  A super-fast market is defined as a market where there are many more buyers than inventory and homes are selling in very low days on market numbers for above listing price. I hear agents trying […]

Ask Denise: Pushy Open House Agents?

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I am having a problem with my buyers and open houses. Several of my buyers are looking at open houses on the weekends, which is fine. I have told them that in order for me to remain their strong advocate they need to let the agent holding the home open know they are […]

Ask Denise: Open House Tools?

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I have an open house coming up next weekend. This has been the first open house I have done in a few months because the market is so hot. I know I am going to have a flood of people. What tools do you recommend I bring? A:  Oh, there are so many […]

Don’t Let Vertical Homes Shrink Your Buyer Pool

tall building

During my Club Zebra call this week, I had a wonderful question from my client Laurie Way about how to market and sell unique properties. She mentioned that she often has multi-level properties listed, which are abundant in her Seattle real estate market. Her challenge is that open houses are not effective as the open […]

Agents Beware … Our Image is Being Badly Tarnished on TV!

Hand and Remote pointed at TV

I have always been extremely interested in real estate all over the country. Whether it is real estate in Miami, Vegas, Houston, or Hawaii, I love to see what the different real estate markets are like. And so do many other people. Which is why I was so horrified by what I came across on […]

In the News

Rolled up Newspaper

The National Association of REALTORS® Nationwide Open House Weekend is this weekend, April 20th and 21st! Check your local Association office for resources! To visit for more open house statistics, please Click Here.  

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