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Ask Denise: Expired Listings Lead Generation

Q: “Denise, I am starting to see expired listings in my area that are not relisting right away. Of course, the reason these sellers have expired is due to their unrealistic price expectations although there are a few examples of marketing that could definitely be improved. I was thinking about doing some lead generation by […]

Ask Denise: Need More Listings?

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, as per your request, I am currently going through my 2015 numbers and comparing the number of buyer solds versus the number of listings sold. I was stunned to learn that I had waaaaay more buyers than sellers. Holy cow, no wonder I am so tired! It is clear that in order to […]

Ask Denise: Expired Listings Replacement

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, my business has slowed down since the spring and I want to make sure I have a full pipeline for the fall. I have always utilized an aggressive expired listing campaign in the past to get “now” business, but it seems that with the market surge, there are not too many expired listings […]

Inventory … Finding the Needle in the Haystack!

Needle in a Haystack

Oh, how the times have changed! From just waiting for the buyers to appear … to dealing with multiple offers from numerous buyers vying for the same property! There is no denying that in many markets the buyers have come out in full force and they are in the mood to buy. Consumer confidence is […]

What’s in Your Toolbox?

Expired Listings Package

Lead generation seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. In areas where inventory is tight, expired listings can be a goldmine. But how to get the attention of sellers who are being contacted by dozens of real estate agents? With a powerful, branded expired listing mailing campaign that you supplement with telephone contact, that’s […]

Three Things Self-Made Billionaires Can Teach Us!

Did you see the Barbara Walters special recently – the one where she interviewed self-made billionaires? It was a fascinating episode!  Ms. Walters spoke with four individuals, asking them what experiences and lessons they had learned in their lives that had led to financial riches.  All four truly had created their own wealth – none […]

Ask Denise: After-Summer Jump-Start

Denise Lones

Q:  I took the summer off to spend time with my family.  How can I jump-start my business? A:  It’s great that you had time with your family this summer.  And now is the time to get active again.  You’ve probably let two critical areas of your business slide over the summer – lead generation, […]

Poll: Lead Generation

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Are You in the 85% … or the 15%?

In last week’s Zebra Report (“Is Your Business Dying on the Vine?”) I talked about the non-negotiability of lead generation in today’s business environment.  Whether you’re a real estate agent, the owner of a restaurant, the owner of a surfboard shop, or a florist … you must generate leads if you want to have a […]

What Are Your “Lost Opportunities” Telling You?

We’ve all lost listings … either because the property didn’t sell and the listing expired, or because the seller decided to cancel the listing. It’s not something we like to have happen, but it does, and we move on. There’s always more business just around the corner. Right? Here’s something to think about, though. How […]

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