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President Obama Has a Lot to Say About the Housing Market

the white house

On Tuesday, August 6th, President Obama spoke in Phoenix, Arizona at Desert Vista High School, explaining his vision to promote home ownership in America. He praised reform of the financial systems and talked about the reckless practices that led to the housing crisis. A visual representation of his vision can be seen if you follow […]

The Gift of a “Wrench”

wrenches and a gift box

You may have heard the term “throwing a wrench in the plans”. Well, from where I’m standing, it seems to be raining “wrenches” this month. I have been contacted by so many agents I am coaching who have needed to change their plans for the summer because a family member has become ill or passed […]

Ask Denise: Find Your Fit

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise what is the one piece of advice you think all agents need to hear from you? A:  FIND YOUR FIT. Yes, find your fit! Don’t sell real estate the way others tell you to. Sell real estate authentically by finding your fit and do it your way. There is no one-size, cookie-cutter magic […]

Is Your Business Plan Doomed to Failure?

Overwhelmed Man at Desk

As a real estate trainer and coach I see agents with many different attitudes toward business planning. There’s the agent who has a plan that’s so detailed it lacks flexibility (not to mention the fact that it takes three months to put it together!), the agent who has a plan that’s so lacking in structure […]

Is Your Business Dying on the Vine?

As I write this I’m looking outside my window – amazed at how our wet Washington winters and springs, followed by a burst of warm weather, have created landscaping in my yard in what almost seems “overnight”. The reality, of course, is that it didn’t happen overnight.  I began planning my landscaping project about 18 […]

Ask Denise: Time Management

Denise Lones

Q: I have too much to do every week and am getting behind. How do I manage my time more effectively? I feel like I’m drowning! A: Any time I hear an agent feel like they’re losing focus I know they’re not doing what I call “the hour of power”. You’ve probably heard me talk about the hour […]

Does Your Business Deserve Some Attention?

Like a garden, your business will flourish only if you seed, feed, and water it.  And we believe the best way to do that is to step away from your business for a couple of days to really focus on where you’ve been … and where you want to go. We also believe your business […]

The “Time Management” Myth

By far, the toughest ball to juggle when running your own business is time—using it properly, freeing up more of it, and not wasting it. The solution to this challenge eludes many real estate agents.

In real estate, there are so many things we have to do. And we are burdened with the fact that there are no set hours. This is not Monday through Friday, nine-to-five kind of business. Our work schedule is fluid—which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Discover What Works for You and What Doesn’t by Denise Lones

By Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP Agents are always looking for “The Plan.” You must have heard of “The Plan.”  It’s that super secret 1-2-3 magic set of instructions that if you just plug it in, it will magically catapult your business to the next level. Newsflash: This just in.  There is no “Plan”!  We do […]

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It! By Denise Lones

By Denise Lones M.I.R.M., CSP It was a cold and rainy day when I sat down with my broker for our weekly meeting.  I was a relatively new agent in his office, but I was slowly learning how to double (and then triple) my income without working seven days a week. After going over the […]

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